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Programs and Initatives

Classmates in Library

BAA Mentorship Program

Confident Businessman

The BAA Mentorship Program strives to create a more tailored experience for students and alumni seeking identity-based mentorship. We understand that students might seek a more personal, impactful relationship, preferably with someone who looks like them or who has similar career or life experiences. We hope this program provides that opportunity.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Confident Businesswoman

This program strives to give students and alumni a framework and tools for success when considering an entrepreneurial venture during and after college.


Happy Graduate

This program strives to help students and alumni prepare to navigate career paths, write resumes, build credit, plan for retirement, and more.

College Management Planning

Lecture Room

This initiative strives to help students understand early in their college journey what they really want and help students mitigate the risks of incurring student loan debt, working while in school, and managing priorities.

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